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We design and maintain investment lineups that consist of about 40 to 50 low-cost institutional class funds. We do not include funds that participate in revenue sharing or charge commissions. We also look to design well-diversified fund lineups that represent most major asset classes:

US Equity

US Large BlendUS Mid BlendUS Small Blend
US Large ValueUS Mid ValueUS Small Value

International Equity

International Large BlendInternational Small Blend
International Large ValueInternational Small Value

Emerging Markets Equity

Emerging Markets Value

Real Estate

US Real EstateGlobal Real Estate

Fixed Income

Investment Grade Bond Funds

We use fiduciary software to monitor funds we select.  Funds receive a Fiduciary Score that evaluates funds on nine different criteria across the spectrum of quantitative data points to determine a minimum fiduciary standard of care is being met.  The nine criteria include:

  • Regulatory oversight
  • Track record
  • Assets in the investment
  • Stability of the organization
  • Composition consistency with asset class
  • Style consistency
  • Expense ration/fees relative to peers
  • Risk-adjusted performance relative to peers
  • Performance relative to peers

Our investment lineup includes funds from companies, such as Vanguard and Dimensional.  Below is a general list of funds available:

Dimensional Mutual Funds

Select List of Dimensional Funds Made Available Through iQ401k Platform

 Fund NameTickerFund ClassExpense Ratio
DFA US Equity Funds
DFA US Large ValueDFLVXInstitutional Class Shares0.27%
DFA US High ProfitablityDURPXInstitutional Class Shares0.25%
DFA US Targeted ValueDFFVXInstitutional Class Shares0.37%
DFA Internationl and Emerging Markets Equity Funds
DFA International ValueDFIVXInstitutional Class Shares0.43%
DFA International High ProfitabilityDIHRXInstitutional Class Shares0.35%
DFA International Small Cap ValueDISVXInstitutional Class Shares0.68%
DFA Emerging Markets ValueDFEVXInstitutional Class Shares0.57%
DFA Global Equity Funds
DFA Global EquityDGEIXInstitutional Class Shares0.30%
DFA Global Real EstateDFGEXInstitutional Class Shares0.24%
DFA Fixed Income Funds
DFA Investment GradeDFAPXInstitutional Class Shares0.22%

Target Date Funds

Select List of Target Date Funds Made Available Through iQ401k Platform

 Fund NameTickerFund ClassExpense Ratio
Vangaurd Target Retirement 2045VITLXInstitutional Class Shares0.09%
Vanguard Target Retirement 2050VTRLXInstitutional Class Shares0.09%
Vanguard Target Retirement 2055VIVLXInstitutional Class Shares0.09%
Vanguard Target Retirement 2060VILVXInstitutional Class Shares0.09%

Vanguard Funds

Select List of Vanguard Funds Made Available Through iQ401k Platform

 Fund NameTickerFund ClassExpense Ratio 
Vanguard US Equity Funds
Vanguard Dividend Apreciation IndexVDADXAdmiral Class Shares0.08%
Vanguard 500 IndexVFIAXAdmiral Class Shares0.04%
Vanguard Value IndexVVIAXAdmiral Class Shares0.05%
Vanguard Growth IndexVIGAXAdmiral Class Shares0.05%
Vanguard Mid Cap IndexVIMAXAdmiral Class Shares0.05%
Vanguard Mid Cap Value IndexVMVAXAdmiral Class Shares0.07%
Vanguard Small Cap IndexVSMAXAdmiral Class Shares0.05%
Vanguard Small Cap Value IndexVSIAXAdmiral Class Shares0.07%
Vanguard REIT IndexVGSLXAdmiral Class Shares0.12%
Vanguard International and Emerging Markets Equity Funds
Vanguard Developed Markets IndexVTMGXAdmiral Class Shares0.07%
Vanguard International ExplorerVINEXInvestor Class Shares0.38%
Vanguard International Value PortfolioVTRIXInvestor Class Shares0.40%
Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock IndexVEMAXAdmiral Class Shares0.14%
Vanguard Fixed Income Funds
Vanguard Short Term Invesment Grade VFSUXAdmiral Class Shares0.10%
Vanguard Intermediate Term TreasuryVFIUXAdmiral Class Shares0.10%
Vanguard Intermediate Term Bond IndexVBILXInvestor Class Shares0.07%
Vanguard High Yield CorporateVWEAXAdmiral Class Shares0.13%
Vanguard Core Funds
Vanguard Total International Bond IndexVTABXAdmiral Class Shares0.11%
Vanguard Total Bond IndexVBTLXAdmiral Class Shares0.05%
Vanguard Total International Stock Market IndexVTIAXAdmiral Class Shares0.11%
Vanguard Total Stock Market IndexVTSAXAdmiral Class Shares0.04%
Vanguard Money Market Fund
Vanguard Federal Money Market FundVMFXXInvestor Class 0.11%