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Self-Directed Brokerage Accounts (SDBAs)

/Self-Directed Brokerage Accounts (SDBAs)


Plan participants have the option of creating a Self-Directed Brokerage Account (SBDA).  Participants can gain access to a variety of additional investment choices, beyond their Plan’s pre-selected investment lineup.  SDBA’s allow participants to take control over their investments and investment strategies to design a portfolio of securities that best suits their investment objectives.  For novice investors, they can keep their current financial advisor or hire a financial advisor to manage their SDBA’s.



Participants can access a variety of investment options, including:

  • Mutual funds
  • ETF’s
  • Individual stocks or bonds
  • CD’s
  • Interval mutual funds
  • Private equity funds*
  • Private credit/debt funds*
  • Private equity real estate funds*
  • Hedge funds*
*additional fees apply and selection of funds varies



Participants have the option of managing the SDBA themselves or authorizing a third-party financial professional to assist in managing their account.  Participants also have the option to retain the private client asset management services of FPL Capital Management to manage their account.  Visit our Private Client Services page for additional details.



Participants can establish a Self-Directed Brokerage Account at TD Ameritrade, if the TPA services are provided by Vanguard.  If any other TPA is being utilized by the Plan to administer the Plan, participants have the option of creating SDBAs at Schwab or Fidelity.



Recordkeeper Annual Fee:  $50 (varies with custodian)
FPLCM Annual Maintenance Fee:  $150
FPLCM One-Time Setup Fee:  $250
Account Management Fees:

  • Do-It-Yourself – No Fee
  • FPLCM Annual Fee – $3,000 – $10,000*
  • Third-Party Advisor – Advisor Fee Schedule