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Why We Include Dimensional in the Investment Lineup

/Why We Include Dimensional in the Investment Lineup

Dimensional’s investment solutions are designed to help investors achieve their long-term goals.  They focus on adding value over the benchmark indices with an investment style that is active and systematic, but different than conventional active management.  Their investment approach is to structure their strategies around sources of higher expected returns—size, value, and profitability—that have been shown through rigorous theoretical and empirical research to be pervasive across markets, persistent over time, and cost-effective to capture in a live portfolio.  Through a systematic and transparent investment process, Dimensional pursues better outcomes by using information in market prices and company fundamentals to identify securities with higher expected returns while skillfully managing the tradeoffs between premiums and costs.

They also share many of the benefits of indexing—low cost, low turnover, high diversification, and transparency—without the constraints and price impacts around rebalancing events.  By taking the best aspects of indexing and active management and merging them with robust, innovative implementation, they aim to beat benchmarks and the funds and investment vehicles that track them.

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